About us


Amrapali Utkarsh Sangh, Nagpur is a Voluntary Development & Educational Organization; promoted and formed by committed people. It is an organization which believes that people have a capacity to transform their situation provided they are made aware of their own situations and at the same time to generate awareness in them about their own potentials and capacities. The organization works with people from under privileged communities with education and healthcare being their prime focus. Various projects undertaken by Amrapali Utkarsh Sangh which need financial support are briefly described below.

Vimlashram Gharkul

“Vimlashram Gharkul” the brain child of Mr. Ram Ingole dates back to the year 1980. After prolonged but unsuccessful struggle to rehabilitate the commercial sex workers of Nagpur, it was conceived that if the habits, tendencies & mind set of the sex workers are changed, they won’t drag their innocent children into this flesh trade. After frequent meetings and intense deliberations, the rehabilitation centre for children of commercial sex workers, named as “Vimlashram Gharkul”, came into existence in the year 1992. It started its activity with four adopted children of the commercial sex workers with limited financial resources and with responsibilities of providing food, shelter, healthcare and education to these children. In the beginning “Vimlashram Gharkul” had to face stiff opposition from the society for this project of running a home for children of sex workers.

“Vimlashram Gharkul” had to change rented accommodation seven times till it had a structure of its own. “Vimlashram Gharkul” is proud to state that some 50 children that were adopted in different difficult circumstances have groomed well. Some of them have become graduates, some are taking professional social work education, some got married and some are pursuing higher technical education such as polytechnic, engineering courses. At present 38 children are staying at Vimlashram Gharkul and undergoing education at various levels. Funds donated to Vimlashram Gharkul are used towards expenditure for their food, clothing and education.