Our Projects Needs

1 Infrastructure

We propose to have solid infrastructure for NDRS. We need to secure the whole are with the concrete compounding because school located in jungle area many of harmful creature used to come in a school area. Some of students also trying to run away from the school for the security reason we desperately need a wall compounding the whole area.

2 Quality teaching staff:

Right now there are 7 teachers in our school and salaries of the teachers are merely Rs. 3000 to 4000 per month. We need good teachers for the development of students but due to lack of fund we are able to recruit those teachers because they need hand some salary. Other than that we need recruit sport teacher also.

3 New Proposed Building

The proposed building will be constructed at the back of the existing school building. It will include a dormitory for 300 students, a modern hands-free kitchen with an estimated intake of 500 students, an exhibition cum- conference hall etc. The building will have an open to sky playground at the center enclosed by the building on four sides.
Project is conceptualized keeping in mind the future demand arising due to increase in the enrolment of students. Over the years, we have been successful in communicating the importance of education among the quarry workers; this has thus helped in increased enrolment of their children in schools. Thus an increase in capacity will be of great help in improving the lives of these people.

The overall cost of the project is estimated to be around Rs 3.5 Crore.

The detailed project map along with the detailed cost structure is worked out in consultation with professionals.

4 Supplementary food

We provide breakfast and two time meals to the students. The students of our school come from background where they born mall developed so we need give them nutritional food such as fruits, vitamins and minerals.

5 Furnishing of Dormitories in the new building

Navin Desai Residential School believes in providing a good quality of living to these deprived children. We believe that these children of quarry workers are our own children and thus plan to provide good quality living items to these children.

6 Health:

Health issue is serious issue for us lot of our fund used of the medical treatment of our students. So we need health insurance for students to protect them from medical emergency.

7 E-learning education

This is world of information and technology, so it is the need of our to provide them e-learning education. We need projector system for every class. We need fully advance computer lab and training of hardware and qualified teachers for both software and hardware. This gives them opportunity of self employment in the future.

8 Art and technical vocational education (skill development)

We need to provide art and technical vocational education to students. All the students in our school come from non educational background. They are aware of the power of education. They and their parents’ thinks only basic education can provide them a jobs. But in the reality it’s not like that so for their future employment it is necessary to provide them art and technical vocational training for ex. Clay art, bamboo art, ceramic art, jwellary making, nursery farming, electric, plumbing, automobile etc. we need teachers, infrastructure, tools and raw material for skill development project. Not only our students will get a benefit from this training but also we planned to give such a training to other students in nearly located villages.

9 Solar Water Heater and Solar Street Lights

We wish to install solar water heaters to reduce the energy consumption for water heating. Also through the Solar Street Lights, we wish to reduce the electricity consumption.