1. Vimalashram

After a prolonged battle with authorities and goons from Nagpur (Maharashtra) to Surat (Gujarat) Rambhau established his right to setup a rehabilitation Centre called & Vimalashram” at Nagpur in 1992. Vimalashram is the first project started by AUS with just four kids of CSWs to be taken care of in 1992. It has 34 students (16 boys and 18 girls) studying in class I to VIIII as of 31st December 2014. They are put into best possible nearby school in Nagpur.

Vimalashram students are in various fields now. They are engineers and such professionals. But more than that, they are better citizens with a soul of civil conscience. Vimalashram is making every effort to live to its vision and mission of transforming the society into a just, loving and sustainable social order where human values are lived and nurtured so as to restore human dignity of the oppressed, destitute and marginalized through a process of empowerment.& So far AUS could rehabilitate 10 inmates by completing their higher education with MSW, BE and got married and living with dignified life.

Vimalashram Gharkul-Nagpur is the first project of AUS where the children of CSWs are given safe and secure asylum for rehabilitation including their stay, food, education and employ ability. It is not a mere centre of rehabilitation but it is a big model family with value education and fostering culture of India.

2. Navin Desai Residential School, Panchgaon

In India many organizations work for the development human being. India now becomes a one power houses in technology, arts and skills. But we can see there are lots of human localities who are UN-develop and UN-cultured only because of they are away from basic education. On the East of Nagpur city is Umer Tehsil where about 104 black stone mines and quarry exists. The stones are blasted and crushed in to small gittis and supplied to the different cities in Maharashtra. These labors comes from tribal areas Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Odhisha etc. ,the labors for crushing and shifting, loading and unloading the stones are brought on contract by small contractors from remote villages that are uneducated, and ignorant. They have migrated here with their entire families to Umer quarry sites. Both husband and wife are engaged in stone crushing leaving their children all alone. They have small huts temporarily erected at the site. Their living condition is as harder as their working conditions. And more harder was the life of the children who were neglected without care and protection. There is total absence of basic amenities, no schools or health care and information services. For these children we are working from last 15 years, we started Navin Desai residential school at mouza Pachgaon. In the school we provide education for the children of mine workers, children of sex workers and children who are under privileged.

Today, in this residential school there are the classes from std.1 to std.9 total students are 239 including boy and girls. We took responsibility of these children for 12 yrs till std. 12. Right now we are giving education, food and health facilities for them without taking any sort fees. Many donors of the society help us in this noble cause.
Today time has changed drastically only basic education cannot provide the development. We need introduce a training of Information and technology as well as art and vocational skill development.

Navin Desai Residential School, Panchgaon is the second important project of AUS which is a product of Vimalashram Gharkul. As a matter of social responsibility, the children of Vimalashram spotted the most vulnerable sector, the kids of poor stone quarry workers at Panchgaon 25 km far from Nagpur. Initially in 2005, started Sunday School for them under a tree, later in a tin shed and now it turned into a residential school with building caring around 215 children both boys and girls studying from 1st to 9th Std.

3. Gayatri Devi Dr. Kruparam Sood Vocational Training Program

Gayatri Devi Dr. Kruparam Sood Vocational Training Program is designed for the rural youth towards skill development and self-employment to overcome the indebtedness of poor farmers in Vidarbha and thus to prevent farmers’ suicide. Every year we train 80 youth in different trades like motor rewinding, welding, two wheeler repairing etc. Dr. B K Sud and his associates supported generously to stands this program at Panchgaon. So far 4 batches have come out and most of them either employed in nearby Butibori Industrial Complex or started their own entrepreneur locally and earning above Rs.5000/- per month.

4. MaaTuze Salaam:

This is the novel project in order to promote tribal and marginalized youth for serving the nation; AUS has organized various mass communication programs in villages and tribal and marginalized areas and has also provided food during the military recruitment camps. Since 2008, AUS has participated in half a dozen camps and served food around 80000 aspiring jawans in Vidarbha region. There is abundant appreciation from the community and Army Recruiting Officials for these events.

In the future, it has been planned first spanning across Vidarbha and then Maharashtra have been planned